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Yes! We would like to organize a food drive! (A resource guide is available here.)
       We would like to sign up for the
We would like a presentation on hunger and poverty in our community.
Please contact the volunteer department (volunteer(at) if you would like to organize a volunteer group to sort food.
Our organization would like to make a financial donation.
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The Food Bank can provide drop off and pick up of your food drive barrels.
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Barrel deliveries and pickups will be in lobby unless specified below. Please provide specific delivery instructions, including precisely where to deliver the barrels (e.g., loading dock, elevator, or entrance), and the building security protocol, if any. For multiple drop-off and/or pickup addresses, call (510) 635-3663, ext. 318.*
Number of Barrels (barrels are about 3 feet high and hold 150 lbs. of food):

Barrel Delivery Request

We will pick up your full barrels upon completion of your food drive.
Note: Barrel deliveries will occur during a 5-business day window Monday-Friday 8:30am-2:30pm of the week you have selected (unless prior arrangements have been made due to business hours).
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Upon Completion of Your Drive

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Emergency Food Helpline (for Alameda County residents): (800) 870-FOOD (3663)