2022 Food Drive Sign Up Form

Due to our emergency response efforts, our transportation bandwidth is at full capacity, and we can only drop off/pick-up food drive collections of 400 lbs. or more (minimum 3 full barrels) of food.

If you aren’t able to commit to completely filling at least 3 barrels, please consider collecting food in your own receptacles and dropping them off at one of our Food Drive Host drop-off locations. Thank you for your understanding and support!

If you are ready to host a food drive, simply fill out the information below! Be sure to complete all five steps and click "Submit" to complete your registration. If you have multiple sites, please contact Esteban Moran, emoran@accfb.org.

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Step 1: Coordinator's Contact Info:
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Most Reliable Phone Number*:
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Second Contact Info:

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Step 2: Help us buy all of the food that can't go into a barrel, like milk, meat, eggs and farm-fresh produce by signing up for a Virtual Food Drive. We'll provide 2 meals worth of food for every $1 donated:
Sign up for a Virtual Food Drive here!

Step 3: Address Where You Are Hosting Your Food Drive : Food Drive host sites must be within Alameda County. If you will be hosting food drives in a separate county, please contact the appropriate Feeding America affiliated food bank. Thank you.
Is the barrel delivery/pickup address the same as the one above?

Delivery/Pickup Address*:
Zip Code*:
Cross Street*:
Business Hours*:
If the food bank is delivering barrels to your location, please provide specific delivery/pickup instructions, including precisely where to deliver the barrels (e.g., loading dock, elevator, or entrance), and the building security protocol, if any.

We will schedule pick up the food and barrels at the end of your drive. We kindly request you commit to filling each barrel requested. Each full barrel provides up to 160 meals!

Step 4: Reserve Your Barrels
There are two options for getting empty food-collection barrels to your site. If you do not need barrels, please check the appropriate box below indicating whether you will use your own receptacles or pick up a food crate from ACCFB. (Crates are available for pickup by appointment only. Each crate holds 50-75 lbs. of food)


Number of Barrels (3-25)*:
(Barrels are about 3 feet high and hold 150 lbs. of food):

  • Barrel Delivery: Barrels are delivered within a five-day window from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Due to transportation resources, we cannot guarantee specific days/times.
You must select a date below if you choose this option

Please deliver barrels on the week of:

Step 5: Concluding Your Drive

We will pick up your full barrels at the completion of the drive. Please allow a window of five business days for our drivers during this busy time of year. We pick up barrels from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Please pick up our full barrels on:*
We will drop off our receptacles at:* For 1st United Credit Union hours, see https://1stunitedcu.org/status
We kindly request that you fill at least three (3) barrels by the time your drive has concluded. Please contact Esteban Moran, emoran@accfb.org, if you need to extend the length of your drive.

Posters & other materials are available at www.accfb.org/Drive

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Emergency Food Helpline (for Alameda County residents): (800) 870-FOOD (3663)